2016 April

“Space and light, visual and sound emotions”, powered by ON House.
Also this year, Contardi will continue its journey through the emotional sphere,
with an experience where light is not only limited to the presentation of products,
but where it reveals

the ability to amaze, to thrill through the involvement of senses, donating visual and auditory sensations.
Inside ON House experience-centre, Contardi will involve us in a deeper process: the creative, inspiration-following process, in which sound and pictures play a key role.
Sound can mean a simple note, but also a song; pictures can be a custom or still a movie, which gives us a portrait of an historical period.
Contardi has been producing high-level decorative lamps for houses, yachts, hotels and other projects all over the world for more than 35 years.
ON House wants to promote and realise residential spaces, which meld technology and design, transforming everyday life’s places in multisensory spaces, in which people can immerse /lose themselves, thanks to the simplified management of every remote control devices.
This experience has been planned and coordinated by Massimiliano Raggi Studio.